New Art City Festival 2021 (Archive)

The first New Art City festival happened in March 2021. The second festival is scheduled for March 2022.

About the Festival

With New Art City Festival we celebrate our community and all that they have created by shining a spotlight on the artists pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our toolkit. It is free to attend and new exhibitions open each day of the festival. The exhibitions reflect the tremendous diversity of activity on New Art City across disciplines, media, and geographies. Everything launching in this festival goes beyond anything we have shown before, and we are so excited to share the creative potential of this new digital format with many more artists around the world.

Featuring Work By

Alice Yuan Zhang, Andrew Blanton with Sebastian Batali & Aditi Raja, Corsica Studios, Danielle Brathwaite Shirley, Delta_Ark, Henrique Fagundes with Oendu de Mendoça, Juno Rain & Henrique Montagne, Jackie Turpin, Lanéya Billingsley, Most Dismal Swamp, Otrus Extraviadus, Peretsky & Angela Ruiz, output.field, Peter Basma-Lord, Portrait×Ö with Dadabots & Reeps One, R. Tyler with d0n.xyz & omiindustriies, and Sofia Crespo with Entangled Others.

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View the full press release for New Art City Festival 2021 here.