2022 New Art City Festival Planning

New Art City Festival 2022

Our 2022 Festival is in planning stages, and will open on March 26, 2022. This page will be continuously updated with information on how to attend, submit and participate in the festival.

How to get involved:

Join our open studios in Discord and email us to be added to the festival world on New Art City. Next open studio is on February 25th at 10am PDT.

Things you can contribute:

  • New worlds: all spaces showing in this festival are linked to the collaborative festival grounds, like a virtual open studio all contributing artists can peek inside the rooms in progress – submit to this form or reach out in the festival channel on Discord to get your space
    • Deadline: Submit proposals by March 1, complete your installation by March 17th
  • Writing: New Art City now supports text! This is a way to display a snippet of an essay you’ve published elsewhere, but it’s also a collaborative writing tool. Any exhibiting artist is invited to contribute their own response to the theme.
    • Deadline: Rolling
  • Architecture: any artists with other spaces on New Art City are welcomed to copy architectures to the collaborative festival space– it will evolve between now and March as new work comes in. Email Sammie to join the Festival world.
    • Deadline: Rolling

Festival Timeline

  • Now to March 1
    • Submission period open - See above for individual dates.
  • March 14th
    • New Spaces & Exhibition opening dates decided.
  • March 26th
    • Festival Opens
  • April 1st
    • Festival Concludes

Terms of Service: Architectures of Abundance

This curatorial statement is provisional and distilled from conversations with exhibiting artists individually and in groups. Special thanks to participants in the essay writing group including: A.M. Darke, Natalee Decker, Tee Topor, Charlotte Strange, Alice Dee Hoffman, Sonia Levesque, Jasmine Wang, Alice Yuan-Zhang, and Henrique Fagundes

Terms of Service: On tech platforms, the terms of service is an asterisk and a statement of what is forbidden; the AI will ban you if you break these rules. How can we build evolving communities of trust online where the rules are encoded in culture not code?

Architectures of Abundance: Architectures of space online are shifting and permeable, and architectures of thought are no less so. This is a strategy for curating existing artifacts, generating new ones, and creating a speculative civic architecture for our virtual community.

The festival grounds is already in progress and collaboratively constructed entirely from architectures which exist elsewhere on New Art City. All exhibiting artists are invited to contribute and hyperlink back to the original location of their shapes. By linking back to these shapes in their original contexts, we prototype a new type of virality, where replicas point to their virtual originals.

What began as an idea to include an essay anthology in the festival has evolved into a strategy for installing snippets of 3D text within the festival grounds, which form a collective and explorable curatorial statement and point outwards to the writing in other forms (websites, interviews, video essays, AI poetry, PDFs, Zines). This is an approach for de-individualizing curation, but also provides ground for a non-visual experience of the festival world.

About the New Art City Festival 2021

With New Art City Festival 2021, we celebrated our community and all that they have created by shining a spotlight on the artists pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our toolkit. The festival had a focus on new work, condensing over 20 openings into 2 weeks– more than we had ever seen. The exhibitions reflect the tremendous diversity of activity on New Art City across disciplines, media, and geographies. The entire festival is still open and you can revisit the 2021 festival grounds here.