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Accessibility on New Art City

Why Accessibility is Important to Us

Physical art experiences have traditionally advantaged those with physical privilege. At New Art City, we believe that all people, regardless of ability, should be able to experience and enjoy art. We are working to make our galleries, community and toolkit fully accessible, and welcome your feedback. Please use the contact form linked from the header of our homepage to get in touch.

Current Accessibility Features

  • Alt Text
    • Alt text is a text description of a media file or 3D space that helps to make your exhibition and artworks accessible to people with visual or cognitive disabilities. Each artwork and space has voluntary fields for alt-text which are used in the gallery and catalog views. Assistive technologies such as screen readers use alt text to describe the media. Writing alt text is the responsibility of the space editor, and more information about how to do it is at the bottom of this page.
  • Catalog View
    • Each space has a 2D Catalog view that is generated from the files and metadata entered by the space editors. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and allows users to experience the work even if they are not comfortable or able to enter the 3D space.

Upcoming Accessibility Features

  • Caption Support
    • We plan to support subtitle files uploaded with audio/video works, and we eventually plan to support auto-generated subtitles for audio and video with spoken word.

Accessibility Reviews

  • VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template)
    • In 2021 New Art City became the first virtual exhibition space to pass VPAT review, allowing us to be used in public universities and federal institutions in the United States. Special thanks to the Digital Media Art department at SJSU for working with us on this.

How to Make Your Exhibition Accessible

  • Write Alt Text for your Space & Artworks
    • For Spaces
      • Alt text for spaces can be entered under the Space Details section in the "3D Environment Description" field. This text should be a literal description of the visual aspect of the space. This should include major elements of architecture, floorplan or overall layout visible in the exhibition. It does not need descriptions of the artwork, since artworks have their own alt text. Do not repeat text that is present in your show's statement.
    • For Artworks
      • Artwork alt text should comprehensively describe the content of the image, video or 3D file, including important details. These descriptions typically include the elements that are critical to a person’s understanding of the visual aspect, the scale of the elements, both within the frame and relationally, colors of key elements, the orientation and relationships of image elements, both within the frame and to one another, the medium and style of the work, and the visual appearance of persons present in the work (including age, gender, ethnicity and skin-tone). There is no need to repeat text that is present in your piece’s description.
    • For Both
      • Offering emotional or interpretive descriptions is generally not preferred. However, if you feel it is appropriate, you can add “enriching descriptions”. These may include using senses other than sight to describe elements of an image, encouraging the reader to put themselves into the pose or motion depicted in the image, using metaphor, or providing a poetic narrative structure that describes your own experience of interacting with the piece.